Theres been no emails since andys phorum killed the technological mailing i thought id inform you of my latest special offer for my friends !!!

For only 50 you can purchase ann entire gram of my own recently bred knicker yeast !!!!!!!

  • I bet your wondering why youd want such a thing, well it has many uses;
    you can use it in cakes, doughnuts, danish twist and most other sweet pastries
    you can use it for finger painting (just add water)
    you could donate it to a charity
    you could use it as a mark of class.......simply cover your suite in it and let the aromatic fragrence do the work
    it can be transferred to your own knickers where you can grow an entire loaf
    you can wrap it up in a match box and feed it to a goat
    it can be used as a suppliment for any type of powdered drug
    it can be used as a mild talcom powder
    rub it on your ginitals and you instantly grow the parts you miss.............
    add it to alcohol and cure world hungar
    rub it on your nose for an erotic sexual like youve never felt b4
    it can also be used to create the perfect memoriable death scene.......smother yourself in it and dip yourself in honey, roll around in a shit whilst screaming "boy yippy yip yip yip", jump up and down three times then spin around with your arms waving, pull out a gun and shoot maggi thatcher, tinky winky and the homicidal homo from budapest.........then throw yourself off a cliff into the belly of a hugary dragon whilst shouting "im a fag",

  • As you see, the list of uses is place any orders for the high quality product by replying to this email !!!!!!!!

    You WONT be dissapointed; Britney Spears herself nuzzles at my crotch for her own supply.............

    Dont be left out !

    Get yours Now

    -hes bored