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The other day, i was watching a game of baseball, and was greatly unimpressed with the game, so i changed a few things, and here is my version, a much more fun version.

this game of course could never be acheived in "america", as the "americans" seem incapable of making ice, they have to buy it for some strange reason.

eat the ice cream out of three to four ice cream tubs, depending on how hungry you are, and then fill them with water. put in the freezer over night, and lo, ice has formed. see?? it wasn't so hard, was it?? what's hard about making ice?? ok, anyway.

now, to prepare your baseball bat. tape together three metre long pieces of steel box section, and add a smaller piece to the other end to where the handle is giong to be. use much gaffer tape, so it doesn't fall apart. realise that the bat is excruciatingly heavy, and dismantle. now, either take a standard baseball bat or stick of wood or any type of pole, but my favourite is a metre long piece of steel box section, with the end forged into a stabby poky bit. anything like that will do.

if thou hast a second man, maiden, or indeed a knave or servant with which to play, they shalt be thy bowler.

break ye thine ice with a rolling pin or baseballe bat, into large chunks of ice.

the bowler then throws thine chunks of ice to ye, and lo, ye striketh them with thine bat.

i have played it well, and 'tis a good game indeed. i have hit three cats, a toyota yaris, and a sattelite dish with my efforts, and 'tis very fun indeed.

have fun now.

James. i should have been revising really. ahh well.

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