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Super-Calafragalistic-Expyala-storytime presents...

Jake, and the fireball comet...
by Peter Steed

Remember that this is the work of an ickle it isn't *that* expect a load of misspellings and really, really terrible change it would be blasphemy.

In the year 2000.

One day in the city of Zedroc Jake Henry Chester Steed, (Jake for short) was walking to the shop. Then he heard a moise, and he looked up to the sky and saw an evil emerald fireball comet flying through the sky. Jake immediatly alerted the other dogs by a bad, bad squeeky bark "AWWOOOO!!" A black labrador returned JAke's call and he asked "whats wrong?" Jake told him and they both looked up to the sky. the Comet was heading for Artic Island so JAke and Ben (the black labrador) called for a volanteer. A hound called Henry stepped forward and the three puppys Jake, Ben and Henry set out to the Hover bike port. They got 3 hover bikes and flew off to Artic Island. They landed on the soft snowy land of Attic Island. Then Jake wandered off from Ben and Henry and saw a slot machine. He put his money in and he started to play Sonic 2 when siddenly he got drawn into the computer. Soon after he'd been sucked into the computer a toad-stool jumped towards Jake and grabbed him, Jake saw tails run towards him, then tails jumped on the toad-stool and freed Jake. then he saw the comet fly threw the sky in the back-ground so he chased it. Sonic and Tails were way ahead of Jake now but jake found some power sneakers so he punched the box and put them on. Jake went super fast and he ran straight passed sonic. Jake ran along without looking where he was going and SMACK.....BANG.....WALLOP.... Jake had run straight into a wall. Lava was rising and robotnics robots tied jake up with electric rope. Jake was getting electricuted by now and lava was rising even faster now. then tails saw jake and he ran and grabbed jake by the tail and flew up to safty. They went through a door and came to DR ROBOTNIK. Tails killed robotnic while Jake got a shield. then a map appeared by tails and they looked at it.

The map was leading to the comet and they started to follow it. they completed Hill top Zone and they were in the Mystic Cave Zone,when Jake saw a large, PURPLE BERRY TREE so Jake pulled off a berry and ate it. He felt dizzy then when he opened his eyes he was entering the TWIGLET ZONE!! Horror surrounded him!

Twiglets fell from the cave roof and wrapped him in Marmite. He punched and punched then he had an Idea he started to eat the Marmite the twiglets got so fed-up they stopped wrapping him in MArmite. Jake spued up the marmite onto the twiglets but the twiglets started to get up. They grew long, sharp spears in there hands and they started to walk towards him and jake walked backwards till he came to a wall. He couldnt move he was surrounded by twiglets. The twiglets were just about to stab him when two hands with blades on the right hand came out off the wall and pulled him through to ELM STREET and Jake was Freddy Kruger in the background he heard Nancy's voice saying, Believe in yourself, stay awake" But Jake couldn't do that because he was to scared. So Jake started to run up a hill and freddy was chasing him. Jake was looking at Freddy and he ran into a dustbin and he couldn't get out and he was wriggling so much that he started to roll down the hil. He rammed into Freddy's legs and sent him flying, but Jake had a problem he was going to crash into the bottom of the hill but it curved up, so Jake closed his eyes. Then he opened them and he was flying into space. Jake felt lighter and he squeezed out of the dustbin and he started to surf on a dustbin when suddenly he got sucked. into a black hole and he realised he was in the Doomsday Zone on Sonic and Knuckles. Jake chased Robotnic and rammed him, then Jake looked back and smack he flew wright into a Metiroite he got knocked off the dustbin and fell down through a portal. He fell through the pprtal and he was transported to a special stage. Jake was running alond a tube dodging bombs and collecting lamb chops and bowls, eventually he came to a power nouget. He grabbed it and ran off of the edge of the tube and was falling down from space. He felt dizzy for a miniute and when he opened his eyes he saw Ben and Henry. Then he looked around himself and saw that he was in a hospital. Ben told him why he was in hospital, and it was because when he landed on Artic Island you split up from us and you went to the arcade. We eventually found the slot machine and Henry looked at the screen and we saw you on Sonic 2 so we called the air patroll and when we got back to you you were lying on the floor unconcious, we think you'd been sucked into the slot machine. Jake said he was alright and he burst off his bandages and he burst open the doors and stept onto the snowy soft Artic Wastelnd of Artic Island. He put on some clothes and ran off to the mountains where he saw the comet heading towards Ancient Island so he got on his hover Bike and flew off to Ancient Island. He flew off into the sunset and nearly got hit by a fireball from the caravan floating in the sea. Ben and Henry caught up with JAke and the floating caravan shot two fireballs at Jake, Jake swerved out of the way and the fireballs hit Henry and Ben. They both fell into the sea so Jake dived down and hovered above the sea. He shot down some missiles and they hit Ben and Henry, and they both popped into big bubbles they both swam into one and they started to swim to Ancient Island. Jake new they were alright so he put his turbo rocket boosters on full blast and he shot the caravan and he landed on Ancient Island. All Ancient Island is is a machine with grass around it. Jake had never been to ancient Island and he wandered why it was called Ancient Island it didn't have any ruins at all. Jake didn't care.

He just stept into the machine then he stept out of the machine and all the grass was covered in slabs and temples Jake jumped into the temple and he saw a two headed, Blood gutted, half eaten monster. The monster was wearing a cap with a key on it. The moster jumped at Jake and Jake jumped up and and bit his arm off but it grew back again. The monster jumped at Jake again and Jake swiped his heart (Not that he'd go a heart) and the key flew out of the cap and Jake grabbed the key and unlocked a hole in the wall. He found a helmet he put it on and he shot green, blue and yellow rays out at the monstor and the monster turned into a worm. JAke popped the worm in his mouth then he burped and blue smoke came out. Then Jake found himself in ouside the machine on the gras with no stone slabs on the floor. He had returned back to the year 2001. He saw 4 hands on the edge of the island then ben and henry climbed out of the saw and they all looked up and the comet dived down and the magnetic force around the comet sucked ben and henry up off the ground. A fireball shield went around the comet and henry and ben disappeared screaming.

The comet headed for Tropical bay Island by Sugar Cane mountain. JAke quickly grabbed his hover bike and flew off to Tropical Bay. But when Jake got there he was too late, the comet had landed on the sugar can mountain, so JAke went to get some help but all off the citizens had been turned to stone.

So Jake goes back to the comet and he finds a ring on the floor and it said something but he couldn't make it out so he rubbed it.


Jake was suddenly in an underground cavern. Then in the distance he saw 6 gleaming power nougets. He picked them up and put them in a bag with the other one. Something wied happened a door opened in the wall it had 7 spaces in the shape of a comet. He put all the power nugets into the 7 spaces and he turned into super Jake. Jake went totally nuts he bashed through the wall and came to the comet all the citizens had been turned back by the force of the Nogaurts.

Jake bashed a hole in the comet and he realised it was a spacecraft he saw Ben and Henry in Robot Suits so Jake woffed "AWWOOO" then he charged at Ben and Henry. He had such a strong hit that it knocked the robot suits of immedietly they'd been turned good again. All the citizens thanked Jake for saving them. Jake has an idea because he was super he could probably move the comet so he pushed the comet. It started to roll, he pushed it to the top of sugar can mountain, then he charged at it and made windows and doors and chimneys and he made a house for the citizens and they all moved into the comet and jake became a hero forever.


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