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I hate townies...exciting

Ok...first of all...they drink cider. Cider...the drink that tastes like excrement and probably is half made up of the stuff...

Secondly...they hang around bus stops, public telephones, and street corners at about 8 o'clock, pretending to be "hard". There's this public phone around the corner from me, and EVERY night, at about 8 o'clock, a bunch of about 15 townies, dolled up in full addidas gear and trackies, will just stand around there, making prank calls to the operator, thinking they're "hard". Whenever I'm sent round to get milk, I have to pass this phone box, twice. First time, all I get is funny looks...I mean...jeans and a T-shirt...god, how funny looking. Second time, it's with a pint of milk in my hands, and I get such amazing insults as "milk-boy" and "muppet", but sometimes they bring out the whole insults and call me "dickhead". You should see me, quaking in my shoes, they're soo scary. I hate them because of it...I can someone that wears a full, white addidas tracksuit, with socks tucked into the bottoms, with a "tommy hilfiger" hat, or something on their head, call someone in jeans, and a T-shirt a "dickhead"'s just not right. Usually I'm forced to ignore them, but sometimes ingenious insults pop back into my head...which sometimes get thrown back at them...things like "ahh go screw a leprachaun"...and the like.

Thirdly...and this is the worst...they listen to dance music. This explains itself...and I can't be arsed writing about it.

Fourthly...they spit. Everywhere, pavement, carpet, cat, house, balcony, anywhere, doesn't matter, they'll just spit. It's not like they have any reason too, like they've got a phlegmy build up or anything, they just think it looks good. It doesn't. Does it?

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