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I hate...


I hate freeserve, this one's simple. I gots me loads to rant about freeserve.

Simple really. But first, a question. What does "Unlimited Internet Access" mean to you? To me, it means unlimited access to the internet, for a fixed charge of 15 a month. It probably means much the same to you. Apparently, to Freeserve, it means "However long we decide to let you on for high-lag, incredibly slow, internet access, for 15 a month, with the extra 150 BT charge you to use the phone".

Let me explain. The number we dial for the internet, is supposed to be a free number. Free meaning no cost. No cost meaning, we don't have to pay BT for the phone call. But, this isn't the case. To freeserve, a free phone number means, national rate.

Ok, another question. "Unlimited access"...what does this mean? Unlimited usually means, spend as much, or as little time as you want on the internet. Yet again, apparently not to freeserve. Downloading things is a right pain...the auto-disconect is so stupid, that if you aren't viewing 12 different web-sites at once, and bombarding your modem with information, it cuts you off. It doesn't matter if you're downloading important, um,'ll be off faster than Simon to Kembers for a caramel slice. This has happened to me TWICE this morning, each time half way through downloading songs. you'd think that recieving 3.5mb of data would be enough for the thing to realise, "oh yeah, he's doing something, leave him on." And it wasn't as if I was even not doing anything, I had the song downloading, but my browser was left on the freeserve homepage, which refreshes itself every few minutes. But, as soon as I am drawn to the chocolaty goodness of that chocolate moose in the fridge, (click) it disconnects.

This is my third attempt at trying to download the live version of Millencolin - no cigar...but at the rate this connection is slowing down...I think the song title might be on to something.

I HATE freeserve.

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