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I hate dance music

First in an exciting series of I hate..., is dance music.

What is wrong with the charts...they must be fixed.

If the tweenies can sell records well, and teenie bopping rubbish like Herasy can get to number one, then why doesn't decent music do well in the charts? One "artists". They clog up the top twenty with "banging choons" that consist of umm ch umm ch umm ch umm ch feel the beat lard feel the beat lard. Who buys this sort of rubbish...well...townies do. Another topic for the I hate... series...but that comes later. Also, Rob buys them...but that's just Rob. I's not exactly the kind of music that you can sit down and listen to is it? All you can do, is tap your foot to the "rythmn" of it, or get up and prance around like an idiot at "da vogguuueeee". So, why bother.

It's not as if they even try to release albums...all they do is make one single in their garage, consisting of umm che umm che umm che lard, send it to a record company, who then produces it, and sells it. It's not as if they've been around for 8 years, trying to break into the charts by producing album after album, all they do is make one single, clog up the charts, and slip back into the no-body oblivion from whence they came.

After a while you'd think the townies, and Rob, would be intelligent enough to realise that every "track" is exactly the same as the last one...with maybe a couple of words added to it. For example, adding "I need a miracle I need a miracle I need a miracle" over a dance "tune" would get you a number one hit. Hey, it's already been done before I hear you mutter, well...has that stopped anyone else?


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