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Not so much of a prank...

...more of a, what the freak?

dude: "Hi DJ, I hope you are doing really well today. My name is Terry and I live in Florida. I have a serious question to ask you. If you died today, would you go to heaven?"

me: "hello..erm i dont know "

dude: "Hello, It is very important to make sure that you would go to heaven since ending up in the other place would be so horrible forever for you. "

me: "hmm yea sounds good to me"

dude: "We can be sure because of Jesus. He alone is sinless and pure. We all have sin in our life which makes us unacceptable to a holy and pure God. But when we ask Jesus to forgive us and to come into our life to be our Lord and Savior, He does come in and applies His perfect righteousness to our account. We are then deemed totally sinfree and welcomed into the family of God."

me: "err so if i ask jesus to clear my sins i will go to heaven?"

dude: "yes. The only way we can make it into heaven is to ask Jesus into the center of our life unconditionally. We all have sin and even one sin is enough to make us unacceptable for heaven. There is only one person who is perfect and that is Jesus. When we ask Him into our life unconditionally, He imputes His perfect righteousness onto our account. So we become instantly acceptable for heaven, not cause of our goodness, but only through the goodness and perfection of Jesus which He puts on our account. So instead of focusing on how good we think we are, if we'll focus on how perfect Jesus is and believe His goodness has been put on our account, we'll have faith we'll go to heaven. Here's a prayer like the one I prayed when I asked Jesus into my life. I would like to encourage you to go ahead and pray it out loud now, ok? "Lord Jesus, I need You. Thank You for dying on the cross for my sins. I open the door of my life and receive You as my Savior and Lord. Thank You for forgiving my sins and giving me eternal life. Take control of the throne of my life. Make me the kind of person You want me to be. In Jesus Name I pray, amen"

me: "but isnt that a bit cheeky? like we are using jesus to get us into heaven even tho we might be an evil person? !"

dude: "We all are evil, we all have sin and Jesus knows this. He died to pay for our sin and the only way we can escape ending up in hell is to receive Jesus into our life. When He comes in, He will cause us to begin to live a life which is more in line with what God wants. We will find the real joy, peace, and love that we really seek when we actually sincerely receive Jesus into our life. "

me: "ok so jesus doesnt mind us using him to clear our sins and get to heaven?"

dude: "oh no, not at all. This is the only way any of us can be saved and go to heaven. God knows all about you, and He wants you to use Jesus. That is why Jesus died on the cross, to open up the way for us to heaven. " me: "so whats in it for Jesus?"

dude: "God created us to fellowship with Him, so we can give and receive God's love. "

...etc etc etc...

Chat Participants: DJMatt ,Terry ,Italian

DJMatt: oh ic.

Terry [God Dude]: hello

DJMatt: hello , by the way

DJMatt: do u mind if my friend joins us? i mentioned i was talking to you and he wants to come and have a chat

Terry [God Dude] :

Terry [God Dude] : ok, it is fine.

DJMatt: thanks

DJMatt: ill dinvite him now

DJMatt: i must admit tho, im not quite sure what he'll say

Terry [God Dude] :


DJMatt: here he is

Italian : greetings

Italian :

Terry [God Dude] : don't worrHi Italian. hopeyou are doing fine.

Italian : i am always fine thankyou.

Terry [God Dude] : ok, great. if you died today, would you go to heaven?

Terry [God Dude] :

Italian : i believe that my electronic impulses in my brain would stop and i would die, thats it. stop breathing, stop.

Terry [God Dude] : Jesus taught that we'll go to either heaven or hell once our heart quits.

Italian : Dont you think that we just die.

Terry [God Dude] : I'm talking with other people so if I go away, I'll be back shortly, ok?

Italian : ok.ok.

DJMatt: ok

Italian : what evidence you got?

Terry [God Dude] : no, I believe Jesus.

Italian :

Italian : well obviously.

Italian : Ok so you have a book written by some people. but how can that show that when we die we go to another place?

Italian :

Terry [God Dude] : well, the Bible is quite a good bit of evidence. It was written over a period of 3 thousand years, by over 40 authors, on three continents, yet the topics it covers all agree. This is remarkable when you consider this. This is one evidence that God was behind it. Then there are the prophecies over the years which were fulfillled like the history of Israel being written before it took place. When you see that the Bible is God's Word you can believe what it says. It tells us that once we die, we go on to either heaven or hell.

Italian : So if i wrote a book now about a man who could see through walls and would one day come down and save everyone, then 2000 years in the future someone read that book... would that mean that it is true?!??! i dont think so.

DJMatt: interesting argument here guys.

Italian : well i would ask my son to pass on the book

Terry [God Dude] : you don't understand. for you to write a book, you could not write it over 3 thousand years and have it all agree with the prophecies foretelling events to take place hundreds of years in the future and have these events take place just as you write them.

Terry [God Dude] :

Italian : So do you really believe something as silly as him walking on water?? that is impossible... that is a complete lie.

Italian : but he isn't god..... he could just be a story book character, and the bible is a story

Italian :

Italian : Ok ok ok hold on a second.... let me ask you something....

Italian : thrilled eh?

Terry [God Dude] : it's impossible to us mere people, but Jesus is God. He is able to do things we think are impossible. He healed the sick, raised the dead, taught as no one else has ever taught. He was crucified, buried, and then rose from the grave on the third day to show His sacrifice was accepted by God the Father. I received Jesus into my life some years back and when He came in, He began to transform my life so wonderfully. I'm so thrilled with Jesus and what He has done for me.

Terry [God Dude] : sure, feel free to ask what you want.

Italian :

Terry [God Dude] :

Italian : ok well you know how people used to think that the world was flat? and they used to think that monsters and beasts existed?

Italian : you have already said that

Italian : you didnt let me finih

Italian : insh

Terry [God Dude] : sure, do you know the science books are constantly changing even today. but the Bible remains the same for over 3 thousand years. There is nothing really staying the same with science, so it's better to be able to trust something that is always the same.

Italian : can i finish please?

Terry [God Dude] : oh, sorry.


Italian : to answer your statement... science books are always changing because we are always advancing.

DJMatt: sorry for the silence here im just intruiged at italians argument

Terry [God Dude] : Matt, you're doing fine.

Italian : finding out new things.

DJMatt: thanx

Italian : what is there to suggest that when the bible was first written, the people who wrote it were not just a some people who misunderstood something, and they wrote it down, people were interested and people kept adding to the bible?

Italian : ok give us an example of a propphecy.

Terry [God Dude] : you can look at the Bible and try to find errors in it. There aren't any. This shows God has accurately put down the truth and the prophecies which He put down there thousands of years before the events were fulfilled show God, who does know the future, could only be the One who would write these things.

Italian : but if you look at a science book, there is no way of walking on water, no way of making people resurect, and no way of coming back to life

Italian : its impossible

Italian : not physcially possible

Terry [God Dude] : there are many prophecies about Jesus. Where He would be born, where He would die, what He would do, and how He would be killed. these were fulfilled thousands of years after they were written. Also the history of Israel, that they would cease to be a nation for almost 2000 years, and now, they have come back. That is remarkable

Italian : its like saying that i can magically grow flowers out of stone.... its i,mpossible and you cant do it,

Terry [God Dude] :

Italian : anyways chaps i have to go now

Terry [God Dude] : God created what we see and all that is. He is able to do these miracles.

Italian : got to go

Italian : bye bye people


DJMatt: cya lata dude

Italian : thanks for telling me your views

Terry [God Dude] : ok, God bless you, Italian. bye bye.

Terry [God Dude] :

Italian : coby dick rulez


DJMatt: hmm most interesting

Terry [God Dude] : have you gone to church, DJ?

DJMatt: not in the last ..about.. 8 years?

Terry [God Dude] : Matt?

Terry [God Dude] :

Terry [God Dude] : hello?


Terry [God Dude] : ah, ok, Here's a good web page that I would like you to take a few minutes to read, ok?

DJMatt: ok


Terry [God Dude] : http:\\[trust me, you really don't wanna go there...]

Terry [God Dude] :

Terry [God Dude] : please let me know when you've read it, ok?

Terry [God Dude] :


DJMatt: ok im gonna have a look now

Terry [God Dude] : ok good.

DJMatt: hmmm interesting


Terry [God Dude] :

Terry [God Dude] : I hope you'll go ahead and sincerely ask Jesus into your life.

DJMatt: i may well do

Terry [God Dude] :

Terry [God Dude] : ok, wonderful.

Terry [God Dude] :


DJMatt: ok well im gonna get goin now. nice chattin. bye for now. -djmatt

End Chat Session

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