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My seggestions...that are better then Petes..(im in America by the way, whoever doesent know, that wants to flog me for any of these)

1) How many glasses of milk can you drink before you hurl?

2) Make a "Freak-o-Meter" with 2 large potatoes, lighter fluid, a lightbulb connected to each potato with spagetti, stail bread, and old tea. (and do me a favor and test it on Viv...'cause he's so mean to me)

3) Can onions do our homework?...we may never know..

4) Can you really make your own cottage cheese out of cream cheese, toothpaste, head wax and curdled milk?..test and find out

5) Do ants have brains?...actually i know a few "ants" myself..

6) Could Sam survive falling off an 80 ft. cliff in a '66 Camero?..interesting...I think you should try this one (see...and you cant flog me for this)

7) Can a fox and a hegehog really go around gathering rings and jumping on evil chicken's heads, turning them back into little squirrelies on impact, and save little critters from a madman intent on dooming the world and its critters...OH THE HUMANITY!

8) Do dogs really piss on fire hydrens or is that just in cartoons?

9) What would we have after a fish/badger mate?...(Fidger?)

10) Keep prodding Pete and see how long it takes for him to belt you one....(go ahead andy)...((already done...-andrew))

Righty...this has been fun..though most people who read this will not know me..and whoever takes offense to this cant hurt me anyway. Im Dev.....*waves* right... im off now...and yes...of course these were better then Petes...although he doesent know me..*shruggs* and though it may not be important but: I take pride in being an American blonde and actually knowing that: "Americans can make ice!">*says this to James, flares the finger, then smiles innocently*....naw, its all in fun.

~Dev~ ......because why should i even try....*doesent really know why anyway*...

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