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An afternoon in the life, of a very bored Andrew

If you're anything like me, school holidays are a right pain in the arse. Days go by where your only achievment is waking up before 11, and maybe doing something semi-fun, like blowing up victory class star destoryers in an A-wing.

Usually, the days normally turn into me, being exceedinlgy bored, sat infront of a computer, with mp3's blaring out through the stereo, attempting to think up something vaguley amusing to post on the internet, for four people to admire.

So, up until about a minute ago, I was sat infront of this:

...thinking to myself, what to do, what to do...?

Glancing left to right, I stumbled across an idea. Well, something that was later to become an idea, but at the moment was just 32 McDonalds straws, and some packets of sugar, liberated from the holdiay inn a couple of years ago.

I then realised my new life ambition. To collect 200 McDonalds straws, and fashion a large poking device.

So, I had an idea, next, I needed a plan.

I had a plan, but with 168 straws stil left to collect...said plan could not come into action for another few months... if you live near a McDonalds, or go to a McDonalds...think of me, and steal some (about 30) can tell you have 30 as it is a nice size, and fits nicely into the palm of your hand. Or you could just count them. So, my friends and people I don't know...go forth, and collect straws! The future of the poking device depends on your help. As I don't have any money to go to McDonalds...c' know you want to.

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