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1 Andrew's Crusade Against Internet Stupidity
The internet, as a whole, bugs me. There's just something about it, that really gets on my nerves. It could be the endless amount of personal webpages (like this one), created only to feed the ego of the site's author, as they sit there, thinking the rest of the world is interested in what they had for breakfast the day before yesterday, and how that affected what they ate for breakfast today.

It could be AOL, and their slogan "so easy to use, no wonder we're the number one", which has meant that the internet is no longer a retreat for the computer literate to swap files, and share information, but now a most wretched hive of scum and villany, where the only file swapping involves twelve year olds asking for "1337 w4r3z", and KazAa...but ssh about that. Mayhaps the new AOL slogan should read "so easy to use, even complete retards can connect to the internet and make life hell for everyone else."

Perhaps it's all the retards online, thanks to AOL, that's making experiences in online forums less enjoyable? There's nothing worse than having a civil conversation on a forum being interupted by a pre-pubescant with delusions of grandeur, "shouting" expletives everywhere and spouting "1337". Because of the way the internet is, you are given complete freedom to be anonomous, if you see fit. If you like, you can make up an entire online-only persona, and go terrorise people innocently going about their general online business. But, this anonymity also brings forward the real you. The you behind the facades that you have built surrounding you in general day-to-day life. Online, there are no facial expressions to hide behind, or tones of voice to mask your true meaning, the persona you take on when you connect to the internet, is the real you. Lazy and not caring? Quick to temper and purveyor as insults such as "your gay"? Most people are quite similar to their online counterparts, some people are just assholes.

What happened to spelling? What happened to at least using a semblence of proper grammar? What happened to legible text?

Simple, laziness.

People just aren't bothered anymore. Technology has increased to the point where we have pseudo-instant communication, yet people still feel the need to speed things up by not bothering to spellcheck their pieces, or even give it a cusory glance before they pound the "send" button into submission. Of course, I say "people", but surely there's a select few, that prefer their communications to be legible.

So, what's the point of all this? Well, I don't want the english language to degrade to the point where "ppl" and "pls" are used commonly, and not just in online communications by people too lazy to hit a coupe of extra keys. Maybe someone will heed my call, and type in english for a change.


Of course, it'll all end in tears. Or should that be "734r5", or "trs"...?

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